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Beach Days with lots of friends, in the Summer are the Best

Nifty Sitter Foundations

How to be the best Sitter for your Families.


Presented by Vivienne McIntyre,
Founder & CEO

Ms. Vivienne has been Durango's favorite nanny since 2011, when she first began caring for families during her college summer break. Starting with a handful of families and growing to over 100 per year, she has seen a couple generations grow up and absolutely loves everything about spending time with her families. 

Ms. Vivienne has her BA in Elementary Education and is Certified Child Care Director. She has coached for a couple junior mountain bike programs in Durango and volunteered with the junior snowboard mentorship program. Her passion is education in all formats, for all ages, at anytime!

Ms. Vivienne created this Sitter Foundations course to not only share her knowledge and experience, but to mentor the next generation of Sitters for her community.

In this course we will cover

Playground Days.heic

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