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Let Me Introduce Myself!
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Nature + Nifty Kids = Happy Kids!

Our vision is to connect students with a safe place to come together to explore, learn and discover the power of community.


We value the collaboration of all students, as it provides the atmosphere to gain the skills necessary to grow independently into a positive, contributing member of society. 

What We Stand For

Our values determine how and why we treat kids like people


Our purpose is to provide quality educational and real life experiences through everyday adventures, exploration and discovery inside and outside of the classroom. When outside, we bike or walk; utilizing our towns River Trail system, safe pedestrian walkways and many miles of single track trails.


We believe that consistent, positive peer and adult relationships cultivate a safe learning atmosphere where children desire to explore, learn and grow.

Nifty Kids + Yoga Moore 2022
Our Staff

Who we are


Vivienne McIntyre


Mrs. Vivienne is the heart and soul behind the scenes. She works tirelessly to ensure that Nifty Nanny is the best summer camp you send your kids too! Her passion and drive stems from her homeschool experience as an elementary student, at home with her 4 sisters. She launched Nifty Nanny in 2014 after nannying for many families in Durango, CO over her college career. After graduating in the fall of 2014, she took her Elementary Education degree and worked for 9R School District, while building her business. After two years, she was ready to step out on her own and make her dreams happen. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any question or to schedule a meet and greet.


Savannah Bergman

Head Coach

Miss Savannah has lived in Durango for the past nine years and is currently studying nursing at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction. She loves working with kids and getting to be a part of their learning and growth. This is her fourth summer with Nifty Nanny and she is excited about all of the picnics, river time, and adventures. She can't wait to meet our campers!


Katie King

Head Coach

I worked my first mountain bike job at a summer camp in North Carolina 10 years ago! I went to Brevard College and received a degree in Outdoor Leadership and Experiential Education. I spent most of my 20's working summer camps, Outward Bound, Therapeutic Programs, and Montessori Education. Some values that guide my life and educational approach include authenticity, autonomy, creativity, playfulness, humor, connection, nature exploration, and above all, safety and compassion. 


A quote that can sum up my philosophy as an educator and coach is "we do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit"


Evie Morris

Assistant Coach

I am a local who loves to spend time outdoors and be a part of the community. This is my third year returning to Nifty Nanny as an instructor and I enjoy working here very much! I was a camper for many years in the beginning and have always had fun rain or shine. I also enjoy a good cup of coffee and a book during my down time or in the afternoons! 

<< Picture of Evie as a Nifty Nanny Camper in 2015! 

Colleen Wilcox_edited.jpg

Colleen Wilcox


Known as Miss Colleen during the school year, is Mom to a soon-to-be-first grader. She and her son Jackson love to spend most of the warm seasons adventuring outside. Formerly an elementary teacher, she has been a preschool teacher the past few years, but her new focus is getting her credentials to be a nature-based programs coach for teachers and administrators.

Where We Came From

This is the Nifty Nanny Story


     Founded in the Fall of 2014 with the vision to continue to provide the best child care for the families of Durango, Mrs. Vivienne has dedicated herself completely to seeing her passion flourish in the community. Mrs. Vivienne had been babysitting for multiple families in Durango since 2011, while putting herself through the Education program at Fort Lewis College, when she graduated in the Spring of 2014 she began to realize that the demand for her care, quality and attention to detail was becoming more than just a part time gig. Being a rule follower, she followed societies rules to get a job with her degree right after college and began working for the Durango School District in the Fall of 2014 as a full time substitute/school aid for any school that said yes to her daily availability. In addition to her new full time position in the field of work she believed she wanted to peruse, she continued to babysit and grow her Summer program. In the Summer of 2013 she officially applied for a child care license, again knowing that while she enjoyed the side gig of taking care of families, she understood the professionalism, legal implications and seriousness of what she was creating. 

While she continued to juggle being a business owner, child care owner and full time School District employee, Mrs. Vivienne took another full time position during the 2015-2016 school year. It was during this second and last year of teaching, that Mrs. Vivienne realized her values of caring for families did not align with in a public school classroom. She left the classroom in the Spring of 2016 with the intention of focusing on her values of caring for the families of the Durango community 100% as Nifty Nanny.

The Spring of 2017 she moved into her very own classroom at the Smiley Building, a huge upgrade from a storage closet. The Fall of 2017 brought more big opportunities, as her partnership with The Juniper School was founded during her first year of saying "yes". As her dreams began to unfold in front of her, she continued to work hard to bring her passion, values and vision to life.

During these pandemic years, Mrs. Vivienne has done all she can to continue programming for the families of Durango. With many ups and downs, twists and turns, as so many have also experience, she has closed her classroom in the Smiley Building and plans to operate remotely.

Summer Camps are operated remotely and Campers meet at a local Durango Park every morning with their bikes, ready to ride! They spend the entire summer riding bikes around beautiful Durango, Colorado via the Animas River Trail. Camp Leaders are equipped with large cargo bikes to carry group gear, emergency gear and personal gear. Everyone loves Summer Break and we are honored to spend it with your child!

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