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Our Programs

We provide meaningful connections and opportunities for growth for the whole child through our nature immersive programs.

" Vivienne has a natural way with kids. She has the ability to provide teaching lessons while taking field trips to the river or playing at a park. She is well respected with the kids because she provides just the right amount of discipline when it’s needed. The kid’s love spending the summer with Vivienne because every day she has a new activity planned for them, and they know that fun awaits. We highly recommend Vivienne as a person and her ability to provide a fun and safe environment for the kids."

Liz & Roland

Pedal Powered Kids 2022

Always outside.

The Durango Way.

Kids need to be kids these days.  With all the options, keeping it simple yet customized, fun and consistent support, kids can explore who they are and what they love. They need to experience reflection, stillness, time in play, and the surprise and adventure nature delivers.  It brings inspiration.  We share this with them in a safe, customized environment.  It’s time to get them outside and we help you do this.

Hello . . .

I'm Vivienne McIntyre

I am the creator, founder and all things Nifty Nanny. I am so glad you are here! I've been in the child care industry and running summer camps for over a decade and love creating fun, safe opportunities for children to learn and grow in nature, community and friendship. Let's join hands to raise brave, happy, soulful kids. 

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Are we a good match?

We work with those who values the importance of nature in their everyday lives, believes in the power of pushing boundaries to achieve personal growth and community to understand one's sense of self.

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