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Nifty Summer Camp

Our Mission

We give kids the freedom to explore nature, themselves, through the power of community and with our bicycles. For kids between the ages of 5-10 years old.

Oxbow Preserve 2022


Kids on Bikes = Happy Kids! .jpg


Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles allow us to offer the best quality program for our community and cultivate happiness within our children.

Time in Nature

Friends + Colorado Sunshine = Happy Kids!


A strong community foundations offers stability to allow children to thrive.


Safety + Consistent Support = Happy Kids = Happy Parents!

Nifty Kids + Yoga Moore 2022
"The instructors were all very friendly and clearly very engaged with the children. When I picked the boys up they didn't want to leave and all the instructors were playing with or interacting with the kids. It was great!"

Jeremy, Nifty Summer Camp Parent

Why we do what we do.

Kids need to be kids these days.  With all the options keeping it simple, yet customized, fun and consistent support kids to explore who they are and what they love. They need to experience reflection, stillness, time in play, and the surprise and adventure nature delivers.  It brings inspiration.  We share this with your kiddos in a safe, customized environment.  It’s time to get your kiddos out and we help you do this.

"My son is 9 and absolutely had a blast with what he calls "the most fun camp counselors ever"."


Hello . . .

I'm Vivienne McIntyre

I am the creator, founder and all things Nifty Nanny. I am so glad you are here! I've been in the child care industry and running summer camps for over a decade and love creating fun, safe opportunities for children to learn and grow in nature, community and friendship. Let's join hands to raise brave, happy, soulful kids. 

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Are we a good match?

Our ideal family is one who values the importance of nature in their everyday lives, believes in the power of pushing boundaries to achieve personal growth and understands the importance of community.

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