Remote Learning Support

Kinder through 5th Grade


Monday through Friday

8AM to 3PM

Until 4PM for $5 per day

Kinder - 5th Grader


Miss Lauryn & Mrs. Vivienne

BA: Elementary Education & 20+ combined years working with families

Small Cohort

8 Student Capacity

Safe environment for learning

Thoughtfully designed classroom


1 Day / Week

2 Days / Week

3 Days / Week

4 Days / Week

5 Days / Week

Open Communication

Consistent communication between our teacher, your child's teacher and you!


$320 a month

600 a month

$900 a month

$1200 a month

$1500 a month


Miss Lauryn

My Why.

When I was a kid I didn't have a good structured educational environment, because of that I ended up falling behind. It wasn't until I got a little older that some wonderful people came into my life and helped me gain access to a good education. It's because of them that I was able to achieve everything I have accomplished today! Education is important to structure your future. That's why I want to help others who may need that extra support to achieve their goals!

Mrs. Vivienne

My Why.

Between the ages of 4 and 9 years old I attended school with my 4 sisters in our one room school house in our back yard at our home on Tremont. Homeschooling for us looked like time spent inside the classroom working on phonics, reading and mathematics. But it was also spent exploring our world outside of the classroom, interacting with our community and learning from experiences. It is this educational foundation that I am motivated to share the experiences I had as a young learner with all of my students.