Our Mission

Nifty Nanny provides learning programs that are fun, challenging, and encourage freedom, creativity, and movement in an environment of love and care.


Vision. Value. Purpose.


Our vision is to connect students with a safe place to come together to explore, learn and discover the power of community.
We value the collaboration of all students, as it provides the atmosphere to gain the skills necessary to grow independently into a positive, contributing member of society.
Our purpose is to provide quality educational and real life experiences through everyday adventures, exploration and discovery inside and outside of the classroom. When outside, we bike or walk; utilizing our towns River Trail system, safe pedestrian walkways and many miles of single track trails.


Our Seasonal Enrichment Camps are dedicated to providing a fun and playful educational outlet for our student to learn. Creating great opportunity in a fun way to foster confidence, academic dexterity, and physical and social emotional health.


Nifty Nanny
Durango, CO

We believe that consistent, positive peer and adult relationships cultivate a safe learning atmosphere where children desire to explore, learn and grow.


Our Programs 


Pedal Powered Summer Camp

Our Pedal Powered Summer Camp is an outdoor, bike adventure summer camp in Durango, CO. Every day is biking day! Kids adventure on bikes daily along the beautiful Animas River Trail, incorporates field trips and special guest teachers to provide our Campers with a truly unique Summer Break experience.

Juniper Club Summer Camp

New this summer, a school based summer camp with fun weekly themes to guide creative play, art projects, reading, writing and outdoor play. 

Juniper Club After School Care

Our Juniper Club After School Care program at the Juniper School is dedicated to providing a safe and fun child care space for all Juniper Families.