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Mrs. Vivienne


A red door.

White siding.

Black shingle roof.

This was my childhood school house.

It was located in my backyard on Tremont Rd.

In Evansville, Indiana.

My four sisters and I would attend school in this little school house. Actually, probably just the 4 oldest, our baby sister wouldn't have been old enough quite yet. Five of us, there are 5 of us. All girls. 10 years gap between the oldest and the youngest. A significant gap between me, the middle, and the older sisters. So, naturally, myself and my two younger sisters got grouped together and nicknamed "the three little ones".

Inside our school house, we each took our seats at our own desk. You know, the old style with the seat attached, lift top, ink well and pen indentation. Our mothers desk was at the front of the classroom and behind it was the GIANT blackboard. Well, it was giant to me then, but probably just a normal size. We had all of our school books and supplies inside of our desk.

In addition to our school house, our Tremont house was on a corner lot. So we had plenty of outdoor green space to run around. This was our second classroom. We had a play set in our yard, the longest driveway known to a kid, bikes, pedal go-karts, chalk, an outdoor play kitchen, camping tents and 4 sisters. What more did we need?

My most precious, favorite & happiest moments of my childhood were spent at the Tremont house. I spent my days learning with my sisters in our red door school house, doing laps in our go-karts up and down our driveway. We played EVERY SINGLE form of tag and hide-and-go-seek you can think of. We built Play-mobile cities on any counter space we could find and dressed up as princesses or super heroes anytime we felt like it.

Between the ages of 4 years old and 9 years old, I learned from this freedom to be a kid. I learned from my older sisters. I learned from being an older sister. I learned from falling off our play set and getting back up. I learned from listening to stories being read aloud, every single day. I learned from giant bugs crawling across my foot. I learned from camping in our backyard at night. I learned from the imagination play. I learned from exploring our neighborhood on our bikes.

These memories.

These experiences.

As a young child.

And as a young learner.

These are the moments I experience life with today as an adult.

These are the memories I pull from when building my one room school house, Nifty Nanny.

These are the experiences in my life, that shaped the person I am today AND are the experiences I work tirelessly to share through my one room school house, Nifty Nanny.

As young children, we are natural learners.

We are sponges to information, knowledge and experience.

These are the MOST sacred moments of a young persons life.

These are the MOST important and character building moments of a young persons life.

This is my WHY.

This is WHY I poor every ounce of LOVE & DEVOTION into YOUR children.

This is WHY I love so BIG & FEEL so hard.

This is WHY I have built my one room school house.

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