Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is dedicated to providing a fun and playful educational outlet for our student to learn. Creating great opportunity in a fun way to foster confidence, academic dexterity, and physical and social emotional health.

Thank you for an awesome 2021 Summer! 

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A Natural Girl



Summer 2022 Dates | TBD




All campers are required to ride a two-wheeled pedal bike, without training wheels.

Summer Age Groups

Kinder-1st/5-6 yrs

2nd-5th/7-9 yrs

Group Size

15 students per group

Summer Calendar

Daily Enrichment Partnerships and Bike Field Trips!

Weekly Enrichment Partners to provide collaborative learning opportunities for our Campers!

Each Enrichment Partners will spend a week with our campers. 

Each age group will participate daily for an hour or two in fun, educational lessons to explore their world and interact with their peers.

Check out our list of awesome, local Enrichment Partnerships on our Summer Calendar below.

Summer Calendar

Summer 2022 Dates | TBD

Weekly Enrichment Partners to provide enrichment opportunities for our Campers!

Each Enrichment Partner will spend a week with our campers. 

Each age group will participate daily for an hour or two in fun, educational lessons to explore their world and interact with their peers.

Check out our list of awesome, local guest teachers on our Summer Calendar below.

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Daily Schedule

9-9:30 | Morning Drop Off & Health Screening

9:30-12 | Enrichment Partners or Bike Field Trip

12 | Picnic style lunch, re-apply sunscreen & mid-day health screening

1-3 | Enrichment Partners or Bike Field Trip

3 | Afternoon Pick Up

Bike Field Trips

Our program will ride bikes daily.

Bike Field Trips to include, but not limited to:

Durango Fish Hatchery & Wildlife Museum

Durango Public Library

Powerhouse Science Museum

Durango & Silverton Train Museum

Methodist Church Community Garden

Chapman Hill Roller Rink

BMX Track

Fassbinder Park

Santa Rita Park

Rotary Park

Folsom Park

Oxbow Nature Preserve & Park

Sky Steps & Rim Trail

Summer Rates

Monthly Packages

June 7-July 2 | $1200

July 5-30 | $1200

August 2-13 | $600

Weekly | $325

Daily "a la-carte' | $70

Questions & Answers

Q: What do you do if it is raining or will rain during a camp day?

A: We have classrooms inside of the Smiley Building to take shelter during inclement weather. If we are on a bike field trip when weather rolls in, we will seek shelter at the safest, nearest public building until it is safe to return to the Smiley Building. This includes weather such as; rain, extreme heat, smoke, lightening, etc.

Q: Can my child bring and use their own sunscreen?

A: Yes! We supply all of our Campers with generic sunscreen to re-apply during the day. But, if you prefer your child to use the sunscreen you supply, that is not a problem! We will still supervise the application.

Q: How do I pick my kid up early?

A: You will be given your child's teachers phone number to coordinate early pick up, if we are out on our bike field trip. We ask that if you need to pick up early, to let the teacher know in the morning.

Q: How much food should I pack?

A: Lots! :) Be sure the food you pack is rich in protein, good fibers and natural sugars. The Campers use a TON of energy riding bikes around town in the Summer sun. Good, healthy lunches are a must!

Q: When & How do I pay?

A: Payment is due at the beginning of each Summer month. June 1, July 1 and August 1. Payment is automatically processed through the credit card we have on file. Drop in days are collected at the door.

Q: How far do the Campers bike?

A: Each age group will bike as far as their weakest rider. Our Lead Teachers spend a lot of time observing Campers on our bike field trips to ensure we only bike the safest distances for all Campers. Age groups will bike distances according to ability. Some trips will only be .5 miles, while others may be 5 miles. 

Q: Do we need to bring our child's bike daily?

A: Yes! We will ride our bikes everyday. You can leave your child's bike locked on the bike rack overnight at the Smiley Building at your own discretion.

Q: Why is there an Enrollment Application Fee?

A: The Enrollment Application Fee is applied towards your child's Welcome to Summer Camp gift and covers administrative time necessary to complete enrollment on the backside.

Q: Can my child attend if they ride training wheels?

A: No. We require all of our Campers to be able to ride a two-wheel pedal bike. 

Q: Is there early drop off or late pick up availability?

A: Not at this time.

Q: How do I change my child's Summer Schedule with you?

A: We ask that you complete any schedule change requests through our forms. You can find the link in our drop down menu under "Enroll".