Frequently asked questions

Do kids have to wear masks all day?

Not all day. Kids are required to wear a mask while inside our classroom. Lucky for the kids, we spend 95% of our time outside, where they do not have to wear a mask.

Are you practicing social distancing?

Yes! To the best of our ability! Inside our classroom we have designated 10 safe locations for our 10 students to be 6 feet apart. When we are outside, the children take a 2 ft x 2 ft foam square with them to sit on outside. That is their square for the day. We practice and maintain 6 feet apart during meal time, group time and as much as possible throughout our day.

How many times are you washing hands throughout the day?

We stop multiple times throughout the day for hand washing breaks. Some big transitional times we wash hands are: -First thing in the morning when you come to camp. -After using the restroom. -Before lunch time. -After playing with a toy/game/equipment. -Upon entering back into our classroom at anytime. *When running water and soap are unavailable, we use hand sanitizer.

How often do you clean your toys?

At the end of each day! Throughout the day, as kids play with the toys, we have them wipe each toy down with a water based wet wipe (contains no bleach products). Each child also sanitizes or washes their hands after each play. At the end of each day, we was used toys with soap and warm/hot running water. Sanitize in bleach water and let air dry over night.

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