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Started in 2014, by Ms. Vivienne, Nifty Nanny, LLC is a locally owned, small business in Durango, CO. Ms. Vivienne studied Elementary Education at Fort Lewis from 2010-2014. She was teaching in the 9R district from 2014-2016 and starting up Nifty Nanny. Realizing that working in the Public School System was not going to fit her personal and educational beliefs, she decided in 2016 to dedicate all of her time to Nifty Nanny. Since then, Nifty Nanny has grown in all directions and continues to grow with the support of Durango's Community, Families, and our awesome Nifty Nanny staff.

Mrs. Vivienne Mclntyre

Nifty means to be great, neat, unique and helpful.
Nanny means to be a caretaker of children by providing a safe, nurturing environment where children learn and grow.
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